When done right, exterior lighting brightens your home, complements its architectural style, and enhances security. But with so many styles, finishes, and bells and whistles, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. First, decide where to install the fixtures. Wall mounts work well for illuminating walkways, while sconces look best flanking the front door or a side entryway.


Lighting fixtures should complement your home, highlight important features and areas, and provide security. They also need to withstand the elements, which means they’ll come into contact with rain, wind, and even critters over time. A big mistake homeowners make when choosing exterior lighting Overland Park is picking ones that are too small or too large for the space they’re installed in. Oversized lights overwhelm a room and dwarf the house, while too-small fixtures don’t add any visual interest.

Another element to consider is the color and finish of your exterior light fixtures. You want them to coordinate with the colors of your home and its hardware, like doorknobs or handles. For example, if you have brass exterior hardware, match it with a bronze or nickel light fixture. It will create a cohesive look that enhances your home’s style. Lastly, choose a light fixture with a high CRI rating to produce more apparent, natural-looking illumination.

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Aside from being functional, lighting adds enormous curb appeal to the exterior of your home. It directs visitors, keeps your house safe, and can enhance the beauty of your architecture. When it comes to home exterior lights, size matters. Too often, we see lighting that is undersized, whether it’s a small wall lantern by the door or toy-sized sconces over a front door. Remember that lighting that appears about half the size of the street is the best way to determine what size fixture you need.

Another factor in determining the correct size is the style of your door and entryway. There are many different styles of lighting fixtures available – from classic onion lights to craftsman to today’s popular barn lights – but they should always complement the style of your home. It’s like picking jewelry for your house; you don’t want to wear something that doesn’t coordinate. If you’re not sure what type of lighting works with your home, it’s worth making a mock-up out of cardboard – this will help you to see if the fixture looks appropriate.


You’ll want to ensure that your exterior light fixtures match the style of your home. A well-matched set can enhance and elevate your home’s architectural elements, while mismatched styles can be jarring. For example, ornate Victorian-style homes look better with a decorative sconce over the front door than a plain modern fixture. Also, a simple flush mount fixture might work well on a ranch or colonial house compared to an intricate wrought iron model.

In addition to sconces, pendants, and flush-mount fixtures, you can find unique outdoor lighting options like pier-mounted lights for entry pillars or property perimeter pillars and porch piers. These unique light fixtures can add some personality to your outdoor space while offering extra security, too! Keep in mind, too, that these outdoor light fixtures can be customized with various finishes and bells and whistles. Decorative details like highlights of gold, scrolling ends, and seeded glass make your exterior lighting stand out from the rest!

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Depending on the type of fixtures you select and their style, costs can vary greatly. However, a quality fixture that will last for years is typically an investment worth making. Look for features such as dusk-to-dawn operation, dimming options, and smart home configuration capability to help keep your overall costs down. When selecting an exterior light, consider the architectural style of your home. Matching styles will give a cohesive appearance and complement your home. Mixing styles may need to be clarified for the eye and appear jarring. Post lights and sconces are great for entryways, illuminating stoops, or flanking doors. Choose a design with frosted, precise, or seeded glass to add an element of interest. For a modern or contemporary look, try a black globe sconce.