A clean commercial floor leaves a great impression on customers and visitors and helps increase the value of your property. But it takes more than just mopping to keep your floors looking good.

Investing in buffing and commercial floor polishing Jackson Heights, NY can help improve your floors’ appearance, increase longevity, protect against damage, and increase safety.

Improved Appearance

A commercial cleaning company has all the proper equipment and chemicals to make your floor look new. Their powerful cleaning machinery removes dirt and grime that regular mopping can’t.

A clean-looking commercial floor can leave a good impression on clients, customers, or visitors. It can cause them to question whether they want to do business with your company. A professional polishing service will keep your floors looking great and help them create a positive first impression.

Buffing and polishing are different processes that give your flooring a clean and shiny appearance. A buffing machine uses spin pads to remove scuff marks and dirt from the flooring. A polishing machine, on the other hand, is larger and spins at a higher rate (usually over 1000rpm) to smooth and shine the flooring. Polishing also helps reduce water absorption and contaminants into concrete, thus lengthening its lifespan. A polished concrete floor looks beautiful and increases the value of your property.

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Increased Durability

Buffing and polishing aren’t just for bringing out the shine; they can also improve your floors’ longevity. Removing dirt, grime, and scratches slows down your floors’ normal wear and tear, extending their lifespan.

Concrete floors can get small nicks and smudges that look dull and unclean over time. A buffing machine (or spray buffing) uses a buffing solution to fill in these smudges & scratches and create a high-gloss finish.

Polishing, or burnishing as it’s sometimes referred to, is done using a large buffing machine with larger, thicker pads that spin much faster. This process is more effective at removing deeper scratches & dents than screening or buffing alone. It can be used on any hard floor surface that isn’t a wood floor, such as tile, stone, or concrete.

Increased Safety

Unkempt floors aren’t just an eyesore; they’re a safety hazard. Dirty and dingy floors can pose problems for customers and employees, especially slippery ones. Regular commercial floor cleaning and polishing services can prevent this problem while keeping your facility clean and safe.

Buffing and polishing use specialized equipment to restore that eye-catching shine to your commercial flooring. While both methods involve a similar process and result in your floors looking great, there are some key differences between the two.

The difference between these two processes is that buffing uses a liquid solution, while polishing uses a higher-speed buffer (typically 1500-2000rpm). This faster rate and heavier body create more pressure to remove scuff marks, smooth out uneven surfaces, and make your floors shiny. This is perfect for industrial floors prone to spills and other damage. A polished concrete surface also has an improved slip coefficient, making it safer to walk on.

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Increased Value

Floors are a key part of any commercial property. When they are well-maintained, they increase the value of your business and attract more potential tenants and buyers. A good cleaning company will have specialized equipment and know how to handle different surfaces and types of floors. They also understand that attempting to clean floors without proper care can cause irreparable damage.

A dirty or stained floor can leave a bad impression on visitors and could deter them from doing business with your company. Professional floor polishing can make your flooring look brand new and create a positive first impression on anyone who visits.

Two main ways to get your commercial floors looking great are buffing and polishing. Both methods involve high-powered machines to get your floors shining brightly again. Buffing uses a liquid to remove scuff marks, while polishing grinds the surface to smooth it out and make it shiny.